Stripe King DFW: Quality Services You Can Trust


When it comes to new parking lot striping or even parking lot restriping, you can trust the experts at Stripe King! Our attention to detail is second to none. We use only the highest quality pavement marking paints by Sherwin Williams. Whether you have a small parking area with 10 or so parking spaces or a parking garage in need of striping, call us for your free quote!

Our team of experts have over 10 years of combined experience! We are centrally located in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth in beautiful Coppell, Texas and have proudly served the metroplex since 2016.

A good parking lot maintenance program can create a valuable first impression with your customers! The relentless Texas sun, not to mention time and other weather elements, can and will take their toll on the painted areas of your parking lot. Over time, lines and markings will chip and fade.

Did you know that most cities hold you, the business owner, responsible for keeping your parking lot code compliant? The City Fire Marshal’s office can visit you at any time if your Fire Lane is faded to pink or incomplete from new asphalt or concrete work. Not to mention, the ADA (American Disability Act) enforces very specific guidelines for all businesses to be compliant for guests with disabilities or special needs.

So, make that call today to the Kings of Quality and Service! Stripe King DFW. (214) 785-2342. E-mail us at or visit us on the web at